The Waw by Jacqueline Gay Walley

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Dostoyevsky said, Beauty saves, and in Jacqueline Gay Walley’s The Waw, a woman leaves her New York life to follow an image she has seen of a small town of great beauty by the sea in England. She does not quite know why she does this and is frequently asked and gives different answers. Th ere she encounters remarkable people of strength with whom she explores music, love, dignity, and the gifts of solitude coupled with the gifts of community. She fi nds herself in love and more open than ever before. All of this put together strips her down to her essence, where the beauty of the place and people are able to transform her to a better self.

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About The Author

Jacqueline Gay Walley has published eight novels, the most recent before The Waw is Magnetism. She has written plays (shown in New York and London) and has released two films based on her books. Jacqueline has also written e-books such as How to Write a First Novel and other topics which are available on Bookboon. Her film, The Erotic Fire of the Unattainable, was selected by six international film festivals and now plays on Amazon Prime.

Born in London and raised in Montreal, Jacqueline now lives in New York. She coaches writing, edits and ghostwrites.

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