Internship Opportunities

Small press. Big opportunity.

Interested in publishing? Want to experience working for a small press?

Etruscan Press offers a variety of unpaid publishing internships. There are many aspects of running a small press, and Etruscan is on the look out for folks interested in writing, editing, marketing, design, public relations, social media, and business. We may have just the internship you are looking for.

Watch what past interns have to say about their experience with Etruscan Press.

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Current internship listings:

  • Design and Editing
    For interns interested in graphic art, cover and interior design, Etruscan provides a hands-on opportunity. Interns see their classroom experiences enhanced and their creative ideas come to fruition through design.
  • Social Media
    Interns with an interest in social media help expand Etruscan’s Internet presence via social networking sites. Tech-savvy interns may work with Etruscan authors on filming and editing a webinar program that will be used to educate authors in self-marketing techniques. Other projects include researching new networking opportunities, marketing through social media, and author publicity.
  • Marketing and Publicity
    Marketing interns work with authors to promote individual titles, arrange readings and book signings, interact with universities and libraries, research marketing niches, and partner with bookstores and other potential venues for author appearances.
  • Community Outreach
    Outreach interns explore opportunities to bring Etruscan books and authors to classrooms and other learning venues. Working independently or in concert with the Outreach Coordinator, interns may develop educational material for particular student populations.
  • Grant and Promotional Writing
    Interns research new funding sources and draft grants to support new projects. Interns also work on publication releases, as well as draft promotional copy for new books, website, and other venues.
  • Website Development
    Interns with interest or experience in web design and development can undertake a variety of projects as Etruscan continues to enhance virtual presence with content updates, author and book information, new design elements, literary reviews, and social networking.

For more information about our internship program, please click here.

Rachel Altizio, Wilkes
Jeff Alves, Wilkes
Ann Amicucci, YSU
Rodney Annis, Wilkes
Inayah Avant, Hampton University
Wayne Bartholomew, YSU
Wayne Benson, Wilkes
Ally Bishop, Wilkes
Jeremiah Blue, Wilkes
Justin Bodnar, Wilkes
Molly Bilinski, Wilkes
Aurora Bonner, Wilkes
Rebecca Brown, YSU
Lauren Brunner, Wilkes
Christopher Bullard, Wilkes
Kaitlyn Burrier, Wilkes
Samantha Butts, Wilkes
Tara Caimi, Wilkes
Erica Camburn, Binghamton University
Jason Carney, Wilkes
Lynn Carroll, Wilkes
Dana Chase-Herber, Wilkes
Sam Chiarelli, Wilkes
Colleen Clayton-Dippolito, YSU
Cassidy Clement, Wilkes
Trae Cole, Wilkes
Jody Collins, Smith
Maria Conti, Walsh University
Jaclyn Corley, Binghamton University
John Cornelius, Wilkes University
Ashleigh Crispell, Wilkes
Heather Davis, Wilkes
Shannteas Davis, Hampton University
Nicole DePolo, Wilkes
Dana Dickey, YSU
Jason Donnelly, Wilkes
Caitlin Downs, Wilkes
Nate Dresher, Bucknell
Taylor Dressel, YSU
Janine Dubik, Wilkes
Viannah Duncan, Wilkes
Thandie Evans, Hampton University
Brian Fanelli, Wilkes
Molly Farrell, Bucknell
Patricia Florio, Wilkes
Jeff Ford, Wilkes
Geoffrey Forman, Wilkes
Benjamin Forsberg, Wilkes
Megan Foster, Suffolk University
Jaclyn Fowler, Wilkes
Jennifer Freed, Wilkes
Sean Fulkerson, YSU
Anthony Garfinkle, YSU
Wendy Garfinkle, Wilkes
Eva Gauthier, Binghamton University
Guacari Gomez, Wilkes
Brandon Gubitosa, Wilkes
Callie Haas, YSU
Stanton Hancock, Wilkes
Margaret Hall, Wilkes
Michael Hardin, Wilkes
Ashlee Harry, Penn State and Wilkes University
Jacob Hebda, Wilkes
Anne Henry, Wilkes
Cassie Herring, Hampton University
Danielle Hosey, YSU
Roy Edward Jackson, YSU
Johanna James, Wilkes
Amelia Jenkins, University of Alabama
Heather Jenkins, Wilkes
Couri Johnson, YSU
Judith Jones, Wilkes
Catrina Joos, Bucknell
Jennifer Judge, Wilkes
Nichole Kanney, Wilkes
Kaitlin Keller, Wilkes
Katie Kelly, Wilkes
Madelynn Kinard
Cynthia Kolanowski, Wilkes
Kashian Klute, Wilkes
Dave Kolonich, YSU
Karen Krumpak, University of Cincinnati
Nicole Kutos, Wilkes
Matt Lattanzi, YSU
Erin Lawrence, Kent State University
Carol Lavelle, Wilkes
Brooke Lazar, YSU
Dawn Leas, Wilkes
Sally Lehman, Wilkes
Emily Leonick, Wilkes
Chris Lettera, YSU
April Line, Wilkes
Kimberly Loomis-Bennett, Wilkes
Heather Lowery, Wilkes
Carol Macallister, Wilkes
Jessica Macaluso, Bucknell
Brad Madden, Wilkes
Allison Maher, YSU
Ginger Marcinkowski, Wilkes
Alec Martin, Wilkes
Darren Martinez, Wilkes
De’Jonna Mayo, Old Dominion University
Jennifer McLaughlin, Wilkes
Dale Louise Mervine, Wilkes
Andrew Miele, Temple
Tommy Mihalopoulos, YSU
Dana Miller, Wilkes
Jason Miller, Wilkes
Holly Mitchell, Wilkes
Laura Moran, Wilkes
Nicole Morello, YSU
Kacy Muir, Wilkes
Luke Munski, Wilkes
Annie Murray, NEOMFA
Luciana Musto, Wilkes
Joseph Nalbone, Wilkes
Jacqueline Nash, Wilkes
Travis Nicholson, Wilkes
Adrienne Pender, Wilkes
Vanessa Peterson, Lock Haven University
Marissa Phillips, Wilkes
Kelci Piavis, Wilkes University
Lydia Poer, Wilkes University
Julianne Popovec, YSU
Mary Poth, Wilkes
Danielle Poupore, Wilkes
Laurie Powers, Wilkes
Naia Poyer, Swathmore
Richard Priebe, Wilkes
Jon Pyatt, Wilkes
Sara Quaranta, YSU
Amanda Rabaduex, Wilkes
Carrie Reilly, Wilkes
Michael Ress, YSU
Elizabeth Rowe, Wilkes
Tom Roe, Penn State
Dane Rooney, Wilkes
Andrea Ruiz, Wilkes
Abigail Sanders, Wilkes
Jeannie Saoirse, Washington College
Joseph Schwartzburt, Wilkes
Patricia Sharp, YSU
Michael Shoupe, Wilkes
Hannah Simerson, Wilkes
Kourtnei Sims, Hampton University
Tabitha Smith, Wilkes
Samantha Stanich, Wilkes
Karley Stasko, Wilkes
Shawn Stone, Wilkes
Rachel Strayer, Wilkes
Nathan Summerlin, Wilkes
Emily Sutton, Wilkes
Donna Talarico-Beerman, Wilkes
Heather Taylor, Wilkes
Amanda Thomas, Lock Haven University
Kurt Topfer, Wilkes
Madison Townsend, Hampton University
Hillary Transue, Wilkes
Edith Trenou-Dackey, Wilkes
Starr Troup, Wilkes
Jessica Troy, YSU
Pamela Turchin, Wilkes
Sandee Umbach, Wilkes
Leah Vernon, Wilkes
Lauren Waters, Lock Haven University
Danielle Watson, Wilkes
Andrew Wilczak, Wilkes
Michelle Wilson, Wilkes
Molly Wolfe, Lock Haven University
Julie Yelen, Wilkes
Annie Yoskoski, Wilkes
Dawn Zera, Wilkes