The Journey Begins Here
A Note from the Executive Director

Thank you for thinking of sending work to Etruscan Press. Since we don’t advertise for manuscript submissions, you probably came here knowing something about us already. Maybe you’ve read some Etruscan books, or seen one of our authors read, or heard about our National Book Award finalists or Poetry Society of America Award. Maybe you heard an Etruscan poem on Garrison Keillor, or saw one in Best American Poetry. However you arrived here, welcome!

Quality manuscripts are the lifeblood of a literary press, and we receive more than our share. The manuscripts we receive shape our reading, and give us a window into the world of contemporary literature. It’s a vibrant, varied world.

As editors, readers, and stakeholders in the American community of letters, we are amazed, gratified, and humbled by the quality and variety of the manuscripts which come across the transom. We field hundreds of manuscripts a year. And while we can’t offer individual responses or critiques, all our submissions are read with care and respect by a senior editor. To find out more about us, please browse our site and read our books. We welcome your feedback!

What we publish:

  • Books of Poetry

  • Novels

  • Creative nonfiction

  • Short story collections

  • Literary criticism

  • Anthologies

  • Translations

We encourage you to become familiar with the type of books Etruscan publishes before submitting your manuscript for consideration.

Because of our limited staff and editorial resources, we are unable to respond to email queries about our submission guidelines. Please read each of these guidelines below.

What we do not publish:

We do not accept individual poems, essays, or short stories. All manuscripts must be book length, a minimum of 50 pages.

Submission Guidelines:

  • We consider unsolicited manuscripts year round, with a $20 reading fee.
  • Hard copy submissions will not be accepted, unless specifically requested by a member of the Etruscan Press editorial team.
  • Response time: four months (which may be extended because of increased submissions during the COVID-19 pandemic).
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted.
  • Please submit only one manuscript at a time.
  • While we occasionally comment on especially noteworthy manuscripts, the volume of submissions makes it impossible to comment on every submission. All submissions are reviewed by a senior editor.

Thank you once again for considering Etruscan Press as your literary home. Whether or not we accept your manuscript for publication, we are honored with the work and talent you offer us.