American Fugue by Alexis Stamatis

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American Fugue (Amerikaniki Fouga) is Stamatis’s first book published in America and available to U.S. readers. The book, which was translated by Etruscan author Diane Thiel and by Constantine Hadjilambrinos, follows a Greek protagonist who visits America, travels across the country, and has a strange and compelling adventure. American Fugue examines the basic themes that are persistent in all of Stamatis’s works of fiction: an all-consuming past, the flight to escape one’s personal demons, and, most importantly, the search for personal identity that is ultimately revealed only through what is unknown to the self. The treatment of these themes is also characteristic of the author’s other novels—travel narrative on the surface, mystery or thriller with an existential dimension at another level, but ultimately a quest for self-discovery and personal redemption.

“One of the most gifted writers of his generation.” —Francoise Noiville, journalist at Le Monde

“Alexis Stamatis always starts his books smoothly, seductively so, but one chapter in you find yourself rushing the pages, intrigued, amazed, surprised. . . ”—Nicholas Papandreou, author of A Crowded Heart


[icon color=”#dbb95c” size=”16″ type=”icon-star” unit=”px” ] 2007 Winner – NEA 1st International Translation Award

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About The Author

Alexis Stamatis’s novels have been published in nine foreign countries. His work appears in many leading Greek magazines and newspapers. Three plays of his have been staged at the theatre, and he has worked as a journalist, literary critic, and an architect. He has steadily been achieving an international presence, participating in literary festivals, book fairs, and writing conferences worldwide.

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