White Vespa by Kevin Oderman

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An American expatriate hopes to quell his grief for a long lost son in the stillness of his photographs of the Dodecanese Islands. But soon friendship and then love for a woman wounded in her own family-born grief propel him toward life again, where stillness is set into motion and identity might be recovered, against odds, in a foreign place.

“. . . Oderman has a knack for keeping things moving and bringing the vibrant colors of the island to life.”—Publishers Weekly

“In language as clear and beautiful as the Aegean Sea itself, Oderman seamlessly weaves the tales of three Americans, each fleeing to a remote Greek island to escape the past that haunts them. White Vespa takes the reader on a journey of the senses: the smells and tastes of the Greek isles; the thrumming heat; the languid stroll of life; the sometimes painful stabs of memory when all you want to do is forget.”—Jeff Talarigo, author of The Pearl Diver

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About The Author

Kevin Oderman is the author of a book of literary criticism, Ezra Pound and the Erotic Medium; a book of essays, How Things Fit Together; and the novel, Going, set in Granada, Spain. Twice he has lived abroad as a Fulbright Fellow, teaching modern American poetry at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece, and American literature at Punjab University in Lahore, Pakistan. He is a professor of English at West Virginia University.

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