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Rain Inscription by H. L. Hix

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H. L. Hix’s Rain Inscription gives vivid testimony to the paradox that human making is both lasting and fleeting. Each of its three sections (a sonnet-sequence Q&A with contemporary cultural studies, a renewal of the sayings of Herakleitos and Jesus, and a group of dialogues with contemporary artists) extends an already capacious dialogue beyond its prior limits.

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About The Author

H. L. Hix has published an anthology, Wild and Whirling Words: A Poetic Conversation (2004), and 11 books of poetry and literary criticism with Etruscan, including Shadows of Houses (2005); Chromatic< (2006); God Bless: A Political/Poetic Discourse (2007); Legible Heavens (2008); Incident Light (2009); First Fire, Then Birds (2010); As Easy As Lying: Essays on Poetry (2002); Lines of Inquiry (2011); As Much As, If Not More Than (2014); I’m Here to Learn to Dream in Your Language (2015); and American Anger: An Evidentiary (2016).

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