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Etruscan authors Lynn Lurie (left) and Myrna Stone (right) awarded Etruscan Prizes to Youngstown students as part of our outreach program in April 2018.

Etruscan Introduces Incarcerated Writers Mentorship Program

In the spring of 2018, Etruscan Press authors Lynn Lurie and Myrna Stone conducted workshops with high school classes and community centers in the Mahoning Valley of Northeast Ohio. These workshops were sponsored by the YSU Poetry Center and Etruscan Press as part of continued outreach programs to promote literacy. Both authors also visited students at the Northeast Pre-Release Center, Trumbull Correctional Institute and Trumbull Correctional camp via virtual interface.
This summer, Lurie and Stone will pilot the Incarcerated Writers Mentorship Program, a new Etruscan Press outreach initiative that aims to reconnect incarcerated writers with the writing community by bringing together Etruscan authors and selected incarcerated writers who have demonstrated the desire and the potential to develop their abilities to write original poetry and prose.
This mentorship program will pair selected incarcerated writers with Etruscan author mentors for a 15-week writing partnership. Under the guidance of the mentor, the incarcerated writer will work toward a stated goal, submitting drafts and questions by mail correspondence to the mentor, who will then respond by mail. Determined jointly by mentor and mentee, goals and methods will be clearly outlined at the outset of the partnership. The interactions will result in a completed manuscript draft. The program does not offer course credit and is based solely on the participants’ ambition to develop their writing abilities and to connect with the literary world. Student volunteers who have completed previous required coursework will be selected by YSU faculty, metro college coordinators, and Etruscan mentors for this new outreach program.

“What I have learned as a participant in the Etruscan Outreach Program, and what I suspect Phil Brady has known for a long time, is by failing as a society to educate young students we are filling prisons with, in many cases, bright, talented, eager citizens who have never been encouraged to excel,” Etruscan author Lynn Lurie says. “It is a privilege to be part of Etruscan’s most recent endeavor. I have no doubt the program will produce extraordinary work, while introducing the world to writers whose voices have yet to be heard.”

“I’m excited and honored to be a part of the inaugural Incarcerated Writers Mentorship Program,” says Etruscan author Myrna Stone. “It seems to me not just a worthy idea, but a genius one, in that it not only recognizes the common humanity and creative spirit of mentor and mentee, but that it also is designed to stimulate both equally well.” 
Books written by both of these authors have been used as course texts in Etruscan outreach workshops.
Lynn Lurie’s novel, Museum of Stones, is forthcoming from Etruscan in 2019. She is the author of Corner of the Dead, winner of the 2007 Juniper Prize for Fiction (University of Massachusetts Press, 2008), and Quick Kills (Etruscan Press, 2014).  Myrna Stone’s latest poetry collection is Luz Bones (Etruscan, 2016). She is the author of four other books of poetry: In the Present Tense: Portraits of My Father (White Violet Press, a division of Kelsay Books, 2013); The Casanova Chronicles (Etruscan Press, 2010); How Else to Love The World (Browser Books Publishing, 2007); and The Art of Loss (Michigan State University Press, 2001).
For more information about the Etruscan Press/Youngstown State University Poetry Center outreach program, please visit our outreach page

New Releases from Etruscan

We are proud to welcome Rough Ground by Alix Anne Shaw to the Etruscan Press family.
Rough Ground is a translation of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus from philosophical treatise to poetic text. With a lyricism that is both delicate and painful, Rough Ground explores the devastating consequences of trauma on our ability to speak about the world.
Shaw progressively builds layers of complexity and association by reinventing her method of translation in each of the book’s seven sections. Rough Ground also takes on a loose narrative as it progresses, invoking as its main character a female architect and philosopher. This figure not only experiences the trauma of atomic warfare, but the loss of language through which her experience can be understood and expressed.  Rough Ground has become a space for Shaw in which a wild proliferation of meaning can take place.
We are also thrilled to publish Romer by Robert Eastwood.
Using the schema of Dante’s Purgatorio, Romer is a poem of thirty-three Cantos in three-line stanzas that illuminate a man’s life experience. Just as the Purgatorio explores the psyche, Romer follows the journey of one man who needs to know who he is, where he is, and what he is trying to do. In a sense, Romer is every man.
The story begins in the womb and progresses through time in scenes of Romer’s childhood and adult encounters. Throughout the poem is the notion of human life as a journey. Romer is a story of childhood’s puzzle, of sex and fear and art, of aging and the constant attempt at understanding. Romer is a paean to life and its ever-changing face, one man’s evolution.

About Etruscan Press:

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